Thursday, November 03, 2005

end of the semester

Well, the semester's ended. Out of a class of 43, two people got 1.0's, two dropped, and 15 students failed

I used to feel guilty about it, but during the final exam. I asked these students almost the same questions as their second long exam, such as to create a class Refrigerator that stores food in 20 shelves, food will be stored in a given shelf number, a method for getting food given shelf number, and a method for closing and opening the refrigerator. another question was given a circular queue, count the number of entries. A third was given a doubly-linked linked list

For these fifteen students, they never even got to answer these questions. One of them didn't even have a loop for the circular queue. Just a long if statement.

Gosh, as if they hadn't learned anything.

Thinking about it, these are the students that passed intro 2 on a summer class. The reason they went into the summer intro 2 class was that they failed intro 2 the time it was offered in the regular semester. And having it in a summer (5 weeks instead of 15 weeks) means that they never got to master the skills needed. I knew it was a bad idea to offer an intro course in the summer.

Oh well...


At 12:36 AM, Blogger Alfred Thompson said...

I've been looking for other computer science teachers who blog. I'm glad I found yours. I hope to read your entries regularly now.


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