Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monthy Python Dream

I had this dream of watching a new Monthy Phython skit. It went like this (read with a British accent)

Man1: Do you know the way to St. Ives?
Man2: I don't think its proper to ask him?
Man1: And why not?
Man2: Cuz we just robbed him!
Man1: So?
Victim: Ungugh...
Man1: See, he agrees with me
Man2: No i think he just ungugh...
Man1: Didn't he say Ungugh-ugh?
Man2: I think it unguh-ugh-uunggh with the long last part
Man1: No think you're wrong i think---
Man2: Well it doesn't matter! We can't ask him.
Man1: And why not? Are we committing the act of robbery again? Is the pursuance of information an act of thievery?
Man2: Its because we left him half-dead in a ditch! You twit
Man1: Oh....
Man1: Shall we ask a policeman then?


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AFK Earthquake

I was in a fleet with my friends in Eve Online when all of a sudden one of the pilots suddenly said over the fleet voice chat that there was an earthquake in their area (southern california). We could hear over the comms the rattling windows. He said he had to go out for a while and wrote these words on the fleet chat that I wont forget for a while


He lived 10 km from the epicenter of a 5.8 ricter scale quake. But his net connection didn't go down and right after that continued playing. Cool.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leaving for Dumagete

I'm leaving for dumagete tomorrow morning. I'll be introducing the JEDI Operating Systems Courseware to teachers in Siliman University from Wednesday to Saturday.

*seafood* =P~~

Monday, March 17, 2008

Afternoon Tagalog Movies

With my office PC down, i have had no reason to go to school outside of my teaching duties. Anyway, I spend the afternoon working on my home PC watching Tagalog movies as background noice while I work. And there are many many odd scenes, one of which I'll write now.

* at the end of Bote, Diyaryo, Garapa staring Roderic Paulate had its traditional 1980's choreographed dance with the actors all dressed up in of all things jar costumes and newspaper outfits dancing with the sidewalk sweepers at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Gah..

* In Wansaponataym, Shaina Magdayao's grandparents are searching for her to no avail. As they were going to leave forever (with Shaina running after them), the car they were driving turned a corner AND HIT THE EDGE OF THE SET. It had movie cameras, the lights, the cranes and worker people. They were asked to turn back and when they did, the set was gone.

I am still looking for that movie where the Quezon Memorial launches into space and two stupid cops wanted to give chase for a "theft" of government propery.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I didnt know that

I've had my mac for nearly a year now and i just found out that if you hold ctrl then move the mouse wheel it zooms the screen. How awesome is that? XD


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3 years worth of pictures

I've had it on my to-do list for two years now, ever since i got back from baguio. I wanted to have all the (selected) pictures i had on my computer printed out.

Digitized photos are really nice and the fact that you could store hundreds virtually free but i want my best ones traditionally printed out on a traditional photo album. So just in case my hard disk crashes, i won't lose everything.

We'll of course i could still always use it, but on a long term, having actual pictures than data on a disk seems better.

Oh yeah, how many pictures? 376. Cost me P2,500. Lesson: release often XD

(browses pictures... i was so thin then...)


Friday, January 25, 2008

Further adventures of Necca...

To my fellow mouseketters, Tivea's continuing her book about Necca, the fire rat. Well, nothing like a book, more of random (mis-)adventures happening after the end of the book she just finished. Ok, not even mis-adventures, just some draft scenarios that is in her head. Or whatever...

Anyway, if you liked Necca's adventures and want to find out more, maybe its worth a looksee. ^^

Tivea's site