Monday, March 17, 2008

Afternoon Tagalog Movies

With my office PC down, i have had no reason to go to school outside of my teaching duties. Anyway, I spend the afternoon working on my home PC watching Tagalog movies as background noice while I work. And there are many many odd scenes, one of which I'll write now.

* at the end of Bote, Diyaryo, Garapa staring Roderic Paulate had its traditional 1980's choreographed dance with the actors all dressed up in of all things jar costumes and newspaper outfits dancing with the sidewalk sweepers at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Gah..

* In Wansaponataym, Shaina Magdayao's grandparents are searching for her to no avail. As they were going to leave forever (with Shaina running after them), the car they were driving turned a corner AND HIT THE EDGE OF THE SET. It had movie cameras, the lights, the cranes and worker people. They were asked to turn back and when they did, the set was gone.

I am still looking for that movie where the Quezon Memorial launches into space and two stupid cops wanted to give chase for a "theft" of government propery.


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