Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have a dream (2am thoughts)

I have a dream that in 10 years Baguio becomes a Silicon Valley in the sky.

The city has already everything that is needed. Perfect weather (9 out of 12 months of the year). Temperate climate (for transnationals). Good IT infrastructure. The best city in the country to live in...

...and the best and biggest CS / IT schools north of Manila. The best students from all of the northern regions of the country gather here.
Baguio is more a university town than it is a tourist town.

I left Baguio because there just was limited opportunity for software development there. Today it hit me, why can't we make the opportunities there?

I want my students and my co-faculty in UPB and UC and UB and SLU and STI and all of the other northern Luzon
CS / IT schools be given the opportunity to work near home, and not have to migrate to Manila (or for that matter other countries) in order to work / earn extra. I want a vibrant entrepreneurial community of software developers, working hand in hand with big industry and with a responsive city government to utilize the already perfect setting and promote the city as a software development hub for North Luzon and for the country. Everything's already there, someone just has to act on it.

Can you help make this dream come true? What do we need to get started?

(pardon, just some 2am thoughts...)

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At 2:18 AM, Blogger carla said...

Because it's not very accissible... infra not yet mature...

Awww.. na-attach na si Mar sa Baguio :)


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