Monday, May 15, 2006

AM Radio

Just a short post, im reliving a fond childhood memory. I guess all of us remember this scene when we were young, with a storm raging outside for the whole night with howling wind and hammering rain. The feeling of being so cold that you'd rather stay curled up in your warm bed.

But you still get out of bed when mom turns on the radio and switches to AM (its always DZRH at our house). There's this sense of anticipation, all ears are turned towards the radio, hoping against hope that the announcement would come. The air is filled with the smell of wet earth; the smell of air crisp and clear with the city's perrenial smog blown away, mixing with the smell of fried rice.

And then it happens. Classes suspended in all levels. You get excited, you eat breakfast, and then you crawl back into bed, falling asleep to flash reports.

Its never going to happen to us again. It is a rare storm that causes even work to be suspended (and the announcement comes when we're at work already; after going though a wet hell to get to the office you have to go though that again). But now, with the storm raging outside, and the smells coming back, and my comptuer here in Baguio streaming DZRH over the internet; it makes me wish that classes are suspended, and that i could crawl back into my warm safe bed of childhood.


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