Friday, April 14, 2006

Holy Week in Baguio Batman!

Yes, I'm in school, for the whole Holy Week. Its not that I dont have family to go to, or somewhere to take a vacation, its just that I have thesis, plain and simple.

People have stopped going to school ever since Wednesday. While everyone else is going downhill (only tourists stay in Baguio during holy week), my daily routine hasnt changed: wake up 6am, go to school 7, stay up to 10pm, then sleep.

But its ok, Im having good progress. ^_^

And being alone in school is pretty nice. UP Baguio is really a very plesant place to stay, and with no one around, its a very very peaceful campus. I think at some point I'll just grab a pillow and sleep outdoors (the weather is that good).

Thats not to mention total control of the network (all the bandwith are belong to us!!!). And late last night, i realized that i was using nine computers: two for development, four for testing, my macintosh for downloading LaTeX, a computer for CD burning, and another one for audio streaming (its the TV server actually, but of course there aren't any shows to watch). Wow.

I'll do something to at least make this a spiritual holy week. To those who are interested, there's this book series called A Certain Jesus, an online version available here. Its is a nice retelling of the Gospels in everyday language (you'd see Jesus and the disciples as a bunch of friends enjoying each other's company, even cracking jokes and stuff) and historical exerpts (like how the last supper was done actually sitting down on mats and not on a table). You'd get to relate to the characters (as in) cuz they seem like people you'd meet on the street. Its really wonderful.

Back to work. Have a blessed holy week everyone! ^_^


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