Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Slight earthquake

While watching King Kong at SM Baguio. Thought it was part of the effects but got a bit alarmed when the seat in front of me was visibly moving. But it lasted only a few seconds, so it was ok, but i kept eyeing the fire exit just in case.

Of course everyone knows that Baguio was hit by that terrible earthquake early 1990s. And being here and asking around makes the images i saw as a kid on TV real. There's horror stories like how Magsaysay avenue had the terrible smell of the dead for up to 6 months after the quake, and how a co-teacher of mine was saved by the daylight savings time; if they hadn't been dismissed an hour early, she wouldn't be talking to me right now.

So every earthquake anniversary, there's like a citywide fire drill (or at least, there was one on a weekday two years ago, last year it was a weekend and i was out of town so i don't know). After 1pm every establishment runs a fire drill, there's first aid demonstrationsm, and then there are ambulances going around town picking up the "injured". Its pretty cool actually.

It pays to be ready. ^_^


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