Saturday, December 17, 2005

The last bastion of reason (or after the lantern parade)

2am after the UP Baguio Lantern Parade...

I cannot believe that I am one of a few people who aren't passed out drunk. Although I am an occasional drinker (and believe me, I drink a lot), I decided to pass on the alcohol because I was hanging out with friends who were non-drinkers. And I actually was having a good time just hanging out by the bonfire, and listening to the bands playing, in the cold cold night.

Then the problems started.

The show had to be cancelled due to some untoward incident. Rumor has it that someone was stabbed but later, news came that the guy who was supposed to be the stabee was ok. Hopefully it was just that, but the student council decided to suspend the show, just to be on the safe side.

Then i go up to the office to see really really drunk Computer Science students spouting Math theorems to one another. "I'm not drunk! I'll tell you what the derivative of tan^-1 is!" At least its just that now. An hour ago it was a little bit of unrulyness. It was up to the non-drunks to diffuse the situation, though it was mostly my students who talked them down.

Then someone comes up to me worried. A freshman student was passed out at one of the offices, his first time drinking, and of course he drank too much. We got a bit worried because he had barfed over his jacket and all over the floor and that he was shivering a little even though he was in a warm room. I have no experience in this, good thing i found a teacher who knows about these things. Our student was breathing normaly, so we left him there (did fix his jacket though) as he was comfortable enough passed out on a couch with other people. Its just going to be a bit sad when he wakes up tomorrow finding out he was in bed with three other guys. How's that for a lesson on drinking. XD

Its 3:30am and things are winding down now. Still wide awake, keeping watch, too late to go home anyway. The problem is that at 5am im going to go to church for Simbang Gabi and tomorrow (well, later this evening) I have an overnight Christmas party with my friends 255 kilometers away, which I will move heaven and earth to go to. ^_^

But I'll probably not drink there, not this time. XD


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