Monday, November 21, 2005

Tarzan vs Aquaman

The other day me and Jeff had this discussion: In a flooded jungle, who would win Tarzan or Aquaman?

Tarzan is the king of the jungle, possessing higher than human strength and agility among the treetops. We arent sure if he has power to control the forest animals.

Aquaman is the lord of the sea. Almost the same as Tarzan, except that he is in water. He can control his animal friends to help him in the fight for justice.

However, if tarzan wasnt in the jungle, he's just a strong guy. Same thing for Aquaman, he's only powerful in water. On land, he's just a regular guy.

So if they fight in a flooded jungle, Aquaman stays in the water, Tarzan would stay in the treetops. They'd just throw stuff at each other, but no hand-to-hand combat. Because if they fight in water, Aquaman wins, but if they fight on land (or in this case, the trees), Tarzan would win.

Seems like a tie, but Jeff pointed out that although Tarzan is strong in the trees, Aquaman has super human strength in water. Land: Strong guy tarzan vs regular guy Aquaman. Sea: Strong guy tarzan versus super guy Aquaman. So aquaman has a slight advantage.

Next topic, which is cooler: pirate ninjas or ninja pirates. XD


At 2:00 PM, Blogger JM Yap said...

I say pirate ninjas 'coz they're still NINJAS (i.e. with pirate qualities) while ninja pirates are pirates. Given any day, a ninja WILL LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN on pirates!!!! Now, on another (probably unrelated) note, ninja wizards or wizard ninjas?

At 6:53 PM, Blogger mayhemtoledo said...

For me, its ninja pirates are cooler because ninja pirates are pirates that achieve ninja powers. Pirate ninjas, on the other hand are former ninjas that have fallen into piracy.

Geh.. semantics..

Wait, i'll just post the new topic about pirate ninjas vs ninja pirates.

Ninja wizards are cooler because these are old geezer wizards that have ninja powers. Nothing like an old man kicking ass. XD

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Lord Zod said...

hmmmm... a tough debate. tough indeed.

after much thought and meditation i have arrived at a single answer:

winner: cyborg ninja pirates




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