Sunday, November 06, 2005

The clouds beneath my feet

As someone living in Baguio for the last two years, fog has become a bit of a nuisance. You have no idea how depressing it is here during the rainy season where the weather is gray fog or gray clouds or gray rain. I did not see the sun for a month (really). And when you spend a weekend in the lab with no one to talk to and you look outside the window you see nothing but shades of gray or worse, nothing at all... You get the idea.

But today was really nice. Going to Baguio Cathedral for the 6am mass (i hate crowds) in a foggy day i was surprised to see the church, on top of its high hill, above the cloud line. Sheer blue sky above, cloud whisps below, covering the city. Its as if the cathedral an island in a sea of white.*

Walking down the cathedral steps you're stepping onto clouds. Literally.

* well, not SM Baguio, on top of its even higher hill, but for the sake of dramatic effect i must leave that out XD


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