Thursday, November 10, 2005

How come its always me

No thesis work today. Why? Because I was in school early.

Still enlistment week, and in the chaos, people needing answers or help from the computer science faculty rushed to our office to find me. Unlike all of the other teachers with their own lives, I practically live in school, 7am to 9pm every day in front of this computer.


So some problems about a new lab section needed to be opened due to excess students, incomplete records of some of our super seniors, form signing to complete incomplete subjects, assistance to upgrade a circuit breaker, a folder containing all the core computer science documents, a misunderstanding about our curriculum that has lasted ten years...

Not that i mind actually. I like running around, seeing the mess get cleaned up. Bringing order to mayhem and chaos.

I'll miss that about my job when I leave UP Baguio, how easy it is to just act and help fix things. This university is small enough so that the stuff you do has noticable effect. I know im helping.

Makes my day a bit brighter.

Though i was actually ok with errands because my last thesis build is working correctly now. ^_^


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