Friday, November 17, 2006

Too many conventions, too little time

I go to Anime/SFF convensions every now and then, just to see the stuff they sell, the cosplayers, and sometimes to meet up with friends. Conventions happen quite rarely (i guess 4 times a year at best) so I've always hoped that there'd be more.

Imagine my shock when I found out that this Saturday 18 Nov, there will be 3 (yup, three!) conventions happening around Manila!!!

  • Animax Anime Fashion Show - Glorietta 5pm
  • Hero TV Anime Convention - World Trade Center, 18 Nov - 19 Nov
  • TOEI 20th Anniversary - Libis
I mean this is ridiculous! Its great that there are a lot of conventions but having them all that the bloody same time? What the heck?!?

The sad thing about it is that the convention population will be divided into three, there wont be that many people in a single convention. I wish that they'd coordinate something like this in the future.

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At 5:47 AM, Blogger ia said...

may term dyan... garapal. :P why aren't they content with holding it at separate times of the year so everyone's happy? well, hero = abs, toei = gma, animax = animax, haha.

sigh, i miss going to those things... but it seems it's getting silly-er than ever. and i'm pretty clueless lately. tsubasa chronicle lang ako saka death note eh!



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