Monday, March 05, 2007

Murphy's Law 2007

The stuff they said about "things that can go wrong, will?" its true. Murphy's Law is real.

I've got a lab full of students cramming for their thesis. And this morning the internets go down.

Quick call to Bayantel. (Amazing fast service, just two hours after the phone in, they had people here!) They diagosed that the line coming in through the underground line was grounded, so by noon they installed a new wire from the telephone pole to the building.

And you know that its Murphy's Law acting when just 4 hours later, the line goes down again because the MMDA decide to trim branches off a few trees. O_o Augh!

Thanks to Bayantel, they were here, again, just two hours later to fix the problem (PLDT took 2 weeks according to my students when they used to be our DSL provider). Wow! So everything's back to normal (for now, dundunduuun)

No such luck to the NEC building thesis students. Rats chewed the fiber optic line. Its been two weeks already.



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Oh well... It happens.


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