Thursday, July 05, 2007

Goodbye to my phone

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I've had my old Nokia 3310 for five and a half years now. When i first bought it i was in my first semester of teaching. Now, im an assistant professor now, with a good number of teachers younger than me my former students.

My friend Switch gave me my Love Hina Sakura Saku ringtone in Feb 2002. I got my Rurouni Kenshin screensaver from my sister later that year.

I had my phone when quite a few of my close friends started their relationships. Most of them are still together, 3 years going strong, some of them are getting married soon. (Im still single though *sucks*)

My earliest message up to until recently is from April 2002, from a friend thanking me for planning to lend her my Card Captor Sakura cds (which i never did). It was deleted by my niece who wasn't even born yet when i got my phone. Now, my current oldest message is from my friend Lau thanking me for greeting her a happy valentines day in 2003. I keep a lot of my messages: 'i love you's from friends and my family, some memoriable quotes, a simple smiley face a friend gave to me. I usually only have space for 2 or 3 new messages, unless its very very special, i delete all incoming messages. Its very hard for me to replace a stored message.

My friends have been clamoring me to replace my phone for years now. I hadn't planned to yet actually, all i really want is a phone that can call and that can text and that has my old messages. Over the last few months my phone's condition has been slowly deteriorating. Garbage on the LCD, phone suddenly dying for no real reason, can't charge... Add to that the fact that with the way i use my phone, its cheaper for me to get a line, and thus a new phone that comes with the line.

Got myself a Nokia 6288. I transfered my archived messages to it, and to my laptop (i love how i could do that over bluetooth wireless, so convenient). I still use the Sakura Saku ringtone (transfered that over as well). Now i have more space for messages. Having quite a lot of fun using it, particularly the camera (now more pictures for my blog ^_^ ).

Still its sad not to be able to use my old phone anymore.