Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monthy Python Dream

I had this dream of watching a new Monthy Phython skit. It went like this (read with a British accent)

Man1: Do you know the way to St. Ives?
Man2: I don't think its proper to ask him?
Man1: And why not?
Man2: Cuz we just robbed him!
Man1: So?
Victim: Ungugh...
Man1: See, he agrees with me
Man2: No i think he just ungugh...
Man1: Didn't he say Ungugh-ugh?
Man2: I think it unguh-ugh-uunggh with the long last part
Man1: No think you're wrong i think---
Man2: Well it doesn't matter! We can't ask him.
Man1: And why not? Are we committing the act of robbery again? Is the pursuance of information an act of thievery?
Man2: Its because we left him half-dead in a ditch! You twit
Man1: Oh....
Man1: Shall we ask a policeman then?



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