Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Introduction to OOP Syllabus (using JAVA)

The objectives of this class are:

1. know and apply object-oriented concepts in programming
2. be able to use the Java programming language as a tool in problem solving
3. know basic abstract data types and know how they are implemented such as stacks and queues
4. be able to use advanced computer constructs and techniques in programming

Primarily divided into 3 parts, the first 1/3 of the semester deals with learning basic java, mostly from their background as C programmers from the prerequisite class (Intro to Programming I).

The second third of the class (the 2nd 1/3) is OOP concepts: abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism. I've actually have scripted lectures for these classes, i can just go to school without any preparation. almost like a comic routine, but with a lesson at the end.

And then the last third is teaching them Java. Specifically java awt and swing, hopefully networking and multithreaded programming. Something really cool.

I give long exams for each of the three parts. Two Machine Problems (long term month long projects) too.

And then at the end of the semester, we play robocode where we program 2d tanks to fire at each other. completely java based, its a whole lot of fun where students compete for extra credit. =D


At 5:14 PM, Blogger mac.n.tux said...

mario. can you try the JEDI materials and give us feedback please?

PS. we need sample MEs as well. Please contribute to the JEDI community. :)


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